To come to terms with the environmental predicaments people face today, students need to be aware of the various ways people experience those predicaments and to mindfully examine how people create environmental concerns, struggle over them, and sometimes resolve them.

In courses I teach, we ask tough questions about how people live in a more-than-human world. We learn from scholars who grapple with these questions. We learn from communities that struggle to be heard. In doing so, we challenge ourselves to use evidence and reasoning to understand ways of seeing environmental issues that may be unfamiliar, to characterize cases and patterns of human-environment connection, and to mindfully communicate what we have learned.

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Spatial Thinking, GIS, and Related Methods (GDEV 3140)
Next taught: Fall 2024
Fall 2022 Syllabus

Environmental Sociology (GDEV 3240)
Spring 2023 Syllabus
Spring 2022 Student publication: A Different Angle
Spring 2019 Student publication: Environmental Challenges in a Changing World
Spring 2018 Student publication: Sociological Environmental Activism

Fundamentals of Environmental Sociology (GDEV 6210)
Next taught: Spring 2024
Spring 2020 Syllabus

Risk & Disaster (GDEV 6340)
Next taught: 2025
Spring 2022 Syllabus